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Traffic School - Miami Gardens, FL

We have been the top traffic school serving Miami Gardens, FL since 1992 and we are proud of the great reputation we have earned from our students. Drivers call upon us because we are known for having dependable instructors that are available at convenient hours that fit our students’ schedules, and our rates are affordable. We can even accommodate pick up and drop off requests to your home, school, or business.

We’ve been offering top notch driving and traffic instruction since 1992. Our driving lessons and traffic school tutoring ensures that you are ready to handle the rigors of driving in Miami Gardens and have the tools to pass your test. We are committed
to providing exceptional services that are line with safety requirements and applicable regulations.

Williams Driving School is open throughout the week from Sunday to Saturday, so we’re here to serve you 12 hours a day all week long. Be sure to give us a call if you would like to learn more about our services or packages in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Please note that we speak your language! We have instructors that can converse in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. If you require an instructor that is fluent in one of these languages please let us know.

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